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• 10/10/2018

Help I want to read Dice

Hello my name is Vis and I started reading Dice on line webtoon a week ago and I love it so much so the latest episode I read was episode 227 the last episode I could read and I wanted to write a fanfic about it so I went on to this wikia to check if everything is correct and on Mio's page people were commenting "in episode 250 blah blah blah" and I want to ask which one you guys are reading to be so far ahead of me I looked at the fan translation for dice on webtoon and it didn't even catch up to original so please give me a link to the website you all are reading it on so I can be ahead too thank you I appreciate it if you take time to help me and have a nice day

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• 9/15/2018

Discord Server

Is there one that I can join, or can I make one? Everyone will be pinged when a new fan translation comes out.
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• 6/30/2018

Change External Links

Could someone tell me how to change these external links? I'd like to know.
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• 5/29/2018

Publishing / Printing Question

Does anyone have any useful links or info on what the legal rules are regarding printing DICE. I love this series and would love to have a copy printed for personal home use but don't know if that is an option at all.

It would be helpful if anyone knows a service that I could use to have a paper copy made as well!
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• 10/19/2017

App or Dice

Anyone know if someone made a fan app for the quests and stats, like the one in it, or if you can get dice that look like the ones in the manhwa?
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• 9/27/2017

Add Sectors for Powers

For the A-Ranker powers, don't *you* think that we should add a section that shows all the powers and who harnesses them, also its sects like (Time stop) has a sector of (time cutter)
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• 9/17/2017

Chess Peices

How were the specific chess pieces assigned to each character? When is the chess concept discussed/explained?

I might have missed, or didn't read far enough, but if I did happen to miss this explanation can someone please tell me which chapter this is addressed in? ^.^
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• 11/17/2016

Will dongtae and eunju end up together??

Will both of them becomes couples later in the series??
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• 12/10/2015

Dice Chapter 86: Eunju I

When did this happen...?(WHY SHE WOULD DO THAT?! T^T)
Is she kiss "Taebin"...?(PLEASE NO.... JUST NO.... PLEASE...)
And which chapter is this...?(I HAVE TO READ AGAIN!!)
Thank you~
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• 11/17/2015

Read-only time scheduled, 18th November 2015

Hello everyone !
Wikia will be read-only for up to a couple of hours on the 18th November. The Wikia staff will be conducting some planned testing and maintenance during this time. Some site features such as editing, login, chat and search will have limited or no availability during this time.
The read-only time is scheduled to start around:

1:30 pm UTC (Universal time, London)
5:30 am PST (San Francisco)
8:30 am EST (New York)
2:30 pm CET (Poznan)
10:30 pm JST (Tokyo)
The Time Zone Converter can be useful to convert these to your own time zone.
The Wikia staff will try and make this quick, so hopefully it won't get in the way of your editing too much!
For updates regarding this issue or if you have any questions or problems regarding it, ask here!
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