Prologue - Stage 00
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Naver (Korean)1 LINE (English)1
Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 0
Korean Title 프롤로그 최초의 날
Release Date
Korean 18th May, 2013
English 1st July, 2014
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Summary Edit

In a South Korean slum, a boy runs out of a shack to escape his alcoholic father's beating. After tiring himself from running, he pauses and looks up the night sky, only to feel contempt towards the notion of wishing upon stars. At that moment, he is caught by his father, who intends to resume the beating, but at that moment what seems to be a shooting star falls onto Earth near them. The boy, who is later revealed to be X, runs to the site and finds a pile of Dice. The chapter closes with his musing that his wish was answered after all, only in unexpected fashion.

Appearing CharactersEdit


  • This is the first chapter with background music.

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