Stage 5: God Never Plays Dice



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Season 1
Chapter 5
Korean Title STAGE 5 신은 주사위놀이를 하지 않는다
Release Date
Korean 22nd June, 2013
English 9th July, 2014
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Chapter 5: God Never Plays Dice Edit

Summary Edit

The chapter opens by Dongtae speaking in a monologue wondering when he realized that his real world will never have things he wished for, the utopic reality.

Dongtae, after having received the die, was immediately contacted by X, the game master. Dongtae is skeptic about the existence of X and inquires about how he can see Dongtae.

When X says that he 'detects', dongtae openly refuses to believe which leads to X to give da proof of him watching over Dongtae. X directs Dongtae to open a page in an encyclopedia and and he reads aloud the 14th line-

"God never plays dice"

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