Personal Details
Status Deceased
First Appearance Chapter 40
Dicer? Yes
Dicer Details
Rank A
Skill Psychokinesis
Main Stat Unknown
Other Stats Unknown
Gibaek is one of the original group members Taebin and Mooyoung gave Dice to in the past. Gibaek was the 5th Dicer of the group.[1] Sometime in the past he became an A-Ranker, acquiring the ability of Psychokinesis. After Mooyoung attacked the group, he was one of those who were killed.


Gibaek was a strong looking lad, probably due to the sport he played, with black hair that had two notches shaved on the sides of his head and brown eyes.


He was apparently very active with a hobby for sports.[1]


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an A-Ranker, Gibaek gained the ability of Psychokinesis.



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