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  • My occupation is Is Making Sure I Survive The Everyday.
  • I am Just Your Typical Background That Can Be Found Anywhere.
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  • Hi,

    Wanna talk about DICE in general? I've seen you working hard to push out content from the korean paywall chapters from NAVER and was wondering if you have access to it. I myself have to use external sources to read it for myself. I also aren't able to really read korean that well and would like help from you to edit/check some of the edits i made assuming you are able to read korean well.

    You should join in the discussion at DICESCANS blogspot where the scanlators of DICE are mostly talking and discussing latest translated chapters of DICE. It will help make it more lively with your input.

    Hopefully, we are able to work together with each other to make this wikia page really informative for people who wants to read up on it. 



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    • Added you already, accept the friend request

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    • Accepted. 

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