Nani Kim
Nani Kim
Personal Details
Status Deceased as of Episode 180
First Appearance Chapter 134
Dicer? Yes
Dicer Details
Nani Kim is a student of First Private High and also a Dicer.


Nani Kim before illness

Nani before her illness


Nani is a normal high school girl. She often ditches classes because of other students in her class gossiping about her parents. She does't like her parents. She states that she doesn't even looked at her dad's face properly.


It is shown that her Dad is a representative of a company and her Mom is a hostess. When she was ill, she didn't care about her. It was Suksoon who took care of her. Suksoon after knowing about Dice, he gave them to her for her to heal easily. So in this way she became a dicer too.


Suksoon Jung: Suksoon is her boyfriend. At first she thinks that he was with her because her father is representative of a company. But after Suksoon said that he is dating her because he likes her but not because of her father. He said her hair was pretty after Nani tells him to give her a compliment. It broke her dearly when she had to shave off her hair and thinks herself as not pretty anymore since Suksoon likes her hair. He then reassures her that she's still beautiful no matter what and will always love her. He is deeply saddened of her death and wants revenge on the one she saved who is Dongtae

Dongtae: She encounters him and Suksoon battling in the hospital. Nani then tells them to stop fighting. She then apologizes to him and Mio.

Ahn Yeohwe: Nani stops Mio in her tracks before she is able to make a move. She then apologizes to her and Dongtae.

Eunju: In episode 134, it is unknown if Nani is apologizing to Eunju too since she is facing Dongtae while apologizing.

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