Personal Details
Status Deceased
First Appearance Chapter 40
Dicer? Yes
Dicer Details
Rank A
Skill Cloaking
Main Stat Unknown
Other Stats Unknown
Oh-Hyun is one of the original group members Taebin and Mooyoung gave Dice to in the past. Oh-Hyun was the 4th Dicer of the group and the self-proclaimed mood-setter.[1] Sometime in the past he became an A-Ranker, acquiring the ability of Cloaking.[1] After Mooyoung attacked the group, he was one of those who were killed.


Oh-Hyun had a bush of brown hair, brown eyes and facial features that vaguely resemble that of Gilma (without the buckteeth of course). He does appear to have visibly pronounced canines however.


Oh-Hyun was apparently loud and hyperactive as well as the self-proclaimed mood-setter of the group.[1]


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an A-Ranker, Oh-Hyun gained the ability of Cloaking and could become invisible at will.



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