DICE (series) has been divided, as of present, to four main category (entitled as Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4) that can be classified further into several story arcs. The names of the following may not be canon and are mostly fanmade.

Open Beta Saga (Season 1)Edit

New Dicers ArcEdit

New Dicers Arc
Taebin, Dongtae, and Byungchul are consequently introduced in their interpersonal conflict between the introduction and usage of Dice in their daily lives.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 16

Dicers Chaos ArcEdit

Dicers Chaos Arc
After Byungchul' s apparent death, his dice resets and students begun to notice about the power of Dice. As more dicers arise, more people are involved and clash. Dongtae questions about the future of the dice.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 10

Eunju Target Quest ArcEdit

Eunju Target Quest Arc
Because of the three dice Eunju currently at hand, X holds a Global target quest for all Dicers. Because of Dongtae's desire to protect Eunju at all costs, its up to him to defend her until the quest ends.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 12

Gold Dice Warfare ArcEdit

Gold Dice Warfare Arc
With Dongtae's declaration of his guild to supervise and prevent the dicers out of control, the students are in peace. Or is it? Like a domino, one conflict lead to another, with the game master, X, started giving out quests with a reward of a gold peculiar dice.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 25

School War Saga (Season 2)Edit

Rank A Skirmish ArcEdit

Rank A Skirmish Arc
16 A-Rank Dicers are confirmed. With this, X changes the rules and started the initiation of the Player Vs Player war begun. Few Rank A players started to fight for the top, but unbeknownst to them lies the secret of the Last Die.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 24

School War Quest ArcEdit

School War Quest Arc
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 35

A special obligatory quest for all Rank A Dicers has been announced by X. With the school war quest intact, attack team will have to destroy or get rid of a specified target in school, and the defense team protecting what happens in school, specially defending a target. All of the pieces are starting to catch up with all Rank A Dicers playing with their greed and desire.

Final Die War Saga (Season 3)Edit

Cure for Nani ArcEdit

Cure for Nani Arc
Eunju has now become a dicer to get the final die and eliminate the dice from the world. Meanwhile, all the students are separated to another school with an A-Rank Dicer inside. 
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 61
121. The Day Before
122. Sunday Night (1)
123. Sunday Night (2)
124. Sunday Night (3)
125. Next Level (1)
126. Next Level (2)
127. Dicer or Not (1)
128. Dicer or Not (2)
129. Dicer or Not (3)
130. Dicer or Not (4)
131. Dicer or Not (5)
132. another One (1)
133. another One (2)
134. another One (3)
135. another One (4)
136. Lovers (1)
137. Lovers (2)
138. Lovers (3)
139. Lovers (4)
140. Lovers (5)
141. Lovers (6)
142. Lovers (7)
143. Lovers (8)
144. Lovers (9)
145. Lovers (10)
146. Lovers (11)
147. Lovers (12)
148. Lovers (13)
149. Chariot (1)
150. Chariot (2)
151. Chariot (3)
152. Chariot (4)
153. Chariot (5)
154. Chariot (6)
155. Chariot (7)
156. Chariot (8)
157. Chariot (9)
158. Chariot (10)
159. Strength (1)
160. Strength (2)
161. Strength (3)
162. Strength (4)
163. Strength (5)
164. Hermit (1)
165. Hermit (2)
166. Hermit (3)
167. Hermit (4)
168. Hermit (5)
169. Wheel of Fortune (1)
170. Wheel of Fortune (2)
171. Wheel of Fortune (3)
172. Wheel of Fortune (4)
173. Wheel of Fortune (5)
174. Wheel of Fortune (6)
175. Wheel of Fortune (7)
176. Justice (1)
177. Justice (2)
178. Justice (3)
179. The Hanged Man (1)
180. The Hanged Man (2)

Fighting X ArcEdit

FIghting X Arc
Dongtae has reluctantly gathered the four dicers in order to summon X and battle him, just as what he had bet on the game master. However, they have to face challenges set by X to defeat him first.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 19

Disappearance of X Saga (Season 4)Edit

Mobs Target Quest ArcEdit

Mobs Target Quest Arc
After Dongtae have lost most of his dice during the fight with X, the Dicers realized that with X disappearing, the Game Master macros, and the DICE game consecutively pauses. Now, the rules have been changed and acquiring DICE and quests in general have been very scarce. Another quest have appeared, and this time, the dicers have to eliminate the mobs, particularly the one with highest prize; Dongtae.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 14

Battle Tournament ArcEdit

Battle Tournament Arc
All dicers have gathered to take down the prized mob, Dongtae. With Mio initiating the gameplay, a battle tournament bracket will decide to get Dongtae.
Manhua Webtoon
Volumes: 1
Number of Chapters: 17